Graduation thesis Economics

Economics General

In times of latent economic and financial crisis, which became aware of the public at least since the question of the (un) sense of financial aid for Greece, the economics is a current and sought after area. The public finance, which u.a. involved in tax and fiscal policy is one of the subdisciplines. Other areas of economics are microeconomic and macroeconomic as well as economic policy. In particular, microeconomics encompasses household and price theory, while macroeconomics deals with the money and labor markets. For the appropriate analysis and derivation of conclusions from current economic and financial crises, the theoretical foundation of a student thesis is always important. As a student one has to be well versed in theories such as economics, Keysianism, neoliberalism or monetarism in order to fulfill the criteria of scientific analysis. In more rare cases, peripheral areas such as e.g. the economic history thematizes. The working method, which is characterized by exceptions less by normative premises than by a non-judgmental empirical-analytic mode of operation, remains the same over the entire study period.

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While some are struggling with theoretical work, empirical work does not suit others. However, this is not to be underestimated in economics, because in the application of economic theories calculations with statistical programs play a major role. Experience shows that many students find it difficult to find a specific topic from a good basic idea and to specify it in a scientific paper in such a way that they develop a clearly answerable key question. No matter where your problem area lies: our academics have the necessary experience in academic writing and, of course, have the necessary specialist knowledge. As professional authors, they can also explain complex facts and abstract theories vividly and cover all economic topics. If you were rated by a rating agency, you would get all AAA! Our academics also deserve the highest grade for their willingness to individually consult, because this ensures that the theoretical or empirical part of your work can be created according to your specifications and wishes at the highest level so that you receive a good grade. If, due to time constraints or personal problems, there is hardly any other way out, our authors will also create a sample for the complete work, which you can use to orient yourself.