Thesis Linguistics

General information about linguistics

Linguistics (often referred to as linguistics) examines the acquisition and use of language as well as its change. A part of the study is diachronous language research. She is concerned with the historical development of language systems and is therefore the focus of comparative and historical linguistics. Another important area is synchronous language research, which deals with the relationship to the language system. At the beginning of the study, general linguistics will also be discussed. In it is u.a. about phonetics and the semantics of the language. So you can, for example Word formations analyze how they affect the language and language in turn word formations. In general, thinking in interactions rather than causal one-dimensionality is the key aspect in linguistics. The interaction of language and thinking is fundamental here, because language structures our thought processes. These, in turn, can only be conveyed through our language. Applied Linguistics distinguishes itself from these approaches and focuses because its focus is on concrete use cases of language. For example, it is possible to investigate which type of language is used and in which media. This results in links with the media and social sciences.

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