Thesis Sociology

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You want to know what’s behind current social developments, are you interested in group-specific behavioral studies and integration policies? Then you certainly have enough ideas and topics to write scientific papers in sociology studies. However, good ideas alone are not enough to analyze socially relevant topics in the necessary scientific depth. Even if sociology is occasionally portrayed in public as a shallow subject, it demands a great deal of technical and methodological skills from the student, which is not least due to the pronounced internal differentiation of the subject. On the one hand, one does not miss the empirical social research, which makes up a significant part of the study. When it comes to questions about changing values ​​and behaviors or different income distribution, one has to deal with records, statistics, surveys and their evaluation. It is also important to be able to win such basic material by constructing survey questionnaires, especially with regard to later theses. On the other hand, in sociology studies one has to deal intensively with theories and these modules are far less popular among those who prefer to work with usable data. While the structural functionalism of Parsons can still be related to concrete fields of action, Luhmann’s system theory makes it more abstract and therefore much more difficult to understand. In addition, one must be able to master the hermeneutic method for the evaluation of literature in theoretical work in order to place individual theoretical approaches in a larger context and to compare them with other thinkers.

Her thesis in Sociology

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